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Tax consulting


Representation in proceedings

Are you worried because a tax inspector has announced to visit your company? If you are properly prepared, your concerns are unnecessary. With this, we can help you as follows:

Statuary transformations

We offer complete solution with statutory transformations. This includes merger, division or transfer of the plant (activity) to another company. Our services include:

Optimization for the owners

Entrepreneurs (owners) and managers are advised to how to optimize their personal incomes and incomes on the basis of participation in the capital and profit sharing.


Income tax relief of R&D

In the course of their business successful companies are constantly investing in research and development while they do not pay attention to the possibility of asserting a tax deduction in respect of such investments.

We offer two forms of cooperation, namely:

The company, which will not identify investment in R & D in the business plan or a specific development project, will not be able to defend the tax breaks of this title.

Do not ignore the possibility of exercising regional income tax reliefs!


Precautionary tax inspections

Precautionary tax inspection (review) is earmarked to control the correctness of the calculation and payment of certain types of taxes, and can be:

In this context of a tax review we check:
As an upgrade of the tax review we offer advice within the context of optimization of the tax base and optimization for the owners and managers.


Transfer pricing

Companies doing business with related parties are obliged to ensure that transfer prices are at the level of comparable market prices. For this purpose they must provide documentation in which they identify all the transactions in a manner of mutual charge – transfer pricing.

In the context of transfer pricing, we offer:

Documentation is obliged to be prepared in advance only by companies operating with foreign related parties (non-residents).

Our services are of quality because:

Optimization of the tax base

Optimization of the tax base is viewed as the process of tax planning, which should be devised in the early stages of the development of companies.

In the context of optimization of the tax base is carried out:

Optimization of the tax base is closely related to the knowledge of the operation of the company, thus we normally offer it to you as an upgrade to a preventive fiscal review.


Regular Tax consultation

Regular Tax consultation is intended to solve ongoing tax dilemma. In the field of the Regular Tax consultations we are offering: